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Invader ZIM

Here I'm going to talk about the best show ever: Invader ZIM! It really is the best. Agree of suffer. You agree? Good! OK, so Zim is a cancelled show but it's on DVD and its stull as amazing as it was when it was on the air! You can still watch it on Nicktoons (channel 129 on my tv which is Comcast) and every once in a while at 6:30 in the morning. OK, here are the credits people care about:
Creator: Jhonen Vasquez
Voice of Zim: Richard Steven Horvitz
Voice of Gir: Rosearik Rikki Simons
Voice of Dib: Andy Berman
Voice of Gaz: Melissa Fahn


Zim is an Irken "Invader". The tallests (rulers on Irk) tried sending him to earth to get rid of him. He thinks it's a real mission. Since Zim got to earth he hasn't destroyed anything. He's not much of an Invader even though he thinks he's the best 


Gir is what makes the show joyus. You know you can always depend on Gir to make everything funny. He is a messed up SIR unit which is what all the Irken invaders were supossed to have. Since Zim isn't a favorite on the Tallests list, he got Gir.


Gaz is Dib's little sister. She loves to play her gameslave (sort of a gameboy). She also gets mad easily. She hates her brother. I'm not exagerating. Gaz also likes Junk food, TV, and to draw. She looks goth but I'm not sure if she is.


Dib is one of the few humans who realize Zim is an alien. He's also the only person who stops Zim's evil plans (although most of the time they stop themselves). Alot of people call him crazy, but he's not even though he acts like it sometimes. Dib is a member of the Swollen Eyeball Network (or SEN). It's a group of people trying to prove paranormal things are real.
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