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Here's a page where I'll put cool things. Pictures of them, and a list (the list will eventually get really long). Um...I hope you like everything I like. If you don't, you suck. No, you're just not like me. Well, I guess that means you suck. OK, so go back to the first thing I said. You suck.

The first picture is Gir (from Invader ZIM). Invader ZIM is my favorite show.
Under Gir is Emily the Strange. I have alot of clothes with her on them. Next to Gir is Hello Kitty.
Under Hello Kitty is Happy Bunny. He's so funny. Next to Hello Kitty is The Potter Puppet Pals's Snape. The link is on "My Links".
Under Snape is Homestar Runner. His link is on "My Links" too.
Other Cool Stuff
1. Hot Topic
2. Paranormal Studies
3. Cartoons
4. Nightmare Before Christmas
5. Manga (I like Fruits Basket myself)
6. Drawing and Writing my Cartoon. I think I'm going to call it "My friend, the Ghost"
7. Pins, and lots of them
8. My bass guitar
9. AIM
10. Pirates






*Results may vary