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Paranormal Studies (aliens)

Here's where I'm going to post things on aliens. You don't have to belive me...but when aliens abduct you don't come crying to me!


The prymids
There are many people who belive that the prymids of Egypt were "built as beckons by extra-terestrials". Why? For starters, anceint egyptains were not able to contruct the prymids (we are not able to construct the prymids today, much less 4,000 years ago!). Our theorys on how they did it don't add up. It is not known how they could have brought stones blocks (which weigh 2.5-10 tons) that make up the prymids from the quarys to the building site. There are 2 main theorys. The 1st is that the egyptians moved the stones on a mile long ramp, which got bigger as the prymid did, this theory is unlikely. It would have took more effort to build the ramp than the actual prymids, and there would have some 6,000,000,000 pounds of construction waste to clean up. The 2nd theory is even less likely, in fact it is impossable. It asks us to belive that these stone blocks were roled on logs. This would have reqired egyptains to cut down 25,000,000 trees. I doubt there are that many trees in the desert, and even if there were, the only type of trees in anceint Egypt were date palms. As a foood source they probobly would have not been cut down. To import alll these trees would have required more shiping power than Egypt has ever had, EVER! Even if they could get enough logs, the great weight of the stones would have ground the logs to plup in a very short distance. Egpytain writings cover every aspect of there history and culture. They include everything from the lives of the pharoes, birthing, weaving, sacrifising, praying, farming, 3000 years of history but nothing about the prymids! Clearly this was not the work of Egyptians!  Is there any evedence that seems to specifically show an alein conection? One question must be on all of your minds. Why don't the Egyptians take any record at all about the building of the prymids. I belive it is because they were already there, before the Anceint Egyptian Empire. The best evidence of this theory is some samerian text, written on a set of tablets, found in the Library of Ninama. One passage of the text seems to describe the prymids of Egypt. This text is more than 10,000 years old, 6,000 years older than the Egyptians. This text also contains 1 of 3 pieces of evidence that specifically suggests that aleins built the prymids. It calls Earth the 7th plannet, and Earth is the 7th planet, if you are counting from the outside of the solar system going in toward the Sun. Just for kicks let's try it:


Pluto, and Neptune require powerful teloscopes to see. It is impossable, that the Samarians could have called Earth the seventh plannet, unless they were told by space travelers, who had gone past 6 other plannets. The second piece of evidence is in the prymid itself. The radio-carbon dating of the stone in the Great Prymid shows the the top of the prymid is 1,000 years older than the bottom. This is highly unlikely, even if aleins built the prymids, however radio-carbon dating can be fooled. If there were a radio-active source near the center of the prymid it would make make the top seem older. In a set of cambers behind the Queen's chamber of the Great Prymid, highly radio-active sand was found, this is exactally where a radio-active sorce would have needed to be to fool the radio-carbon dating. This would meen that who ever built the prymids, used some sort of nuclear power! What on Earth could be better evidence than that!? Nothing on Earth. NASA has resentally discovered prymids on Mars. NASA has recentally descovered prymids on Mars, the locations of these prymids within the prymid complex (group of prymids), is virtually an exact match to the locations of the prymids within the complex on Earth. There is even a shpinx whose on Mars, with a matching locaton. This is the best evidence that aleins built the prymids. Really though, why would aleins build the prymids? One theory is that these prymids serve as navigational tools for a space ship passing by the Earth, but how can this be? After alll, the prymids are to small to be seen from space. Simple, one acriologist brought a wine bottle with him into the Great Prymid (He was of legal age guys, don't try it.) when he tryed to drink from the bottle, he expirenced a small electrical shock as the bottle toached his lips. There seems to be a vortex of energy comeing out of the prymids, no one is exactally sure how or why.


I think the aliens seen in this picture are what most people see. The way they look fit the discription of the Grays.
The Grays
Sightings of the Grays form the vast magority of alein sightings. The Grays are fairly humaniod. Grays walk upright on 2 legs with feet that have toes. They have 2 arms with hands that have fingers. They have one head with a face that has eyes, a mouth and a nose exactally where they are on a human face, but the that is were the simallarities end. Grays are shorter than we are, about 3-4 feet tall to be exact (sometimes taller grays are spotted that appear to be leaders). They have no hair. They have gray skin (thats proboly why we call them Grays), and no ears. Their eyes are black (I mean completly black not just around the pupils). They have no teeth in their mouth and their "nose" is really just 2 small holes where the nose should be. Grays are described as wearing etheir metalic jumpsuits, or nothing at all. They have no visible belly buttons. Depeneding on the witness the Grays have 4-6 fingers and a matching number of toes. The Grays differ from human beings in ways other than tecnology and apperance. They do not talk (without ears communication via sound waves is impossible), instead witnesses describe the Grays as communicating via some from of telepethy. Also the Grays do not fell many human emotions, they do however feel the 3 key emotions no being can survive without (fear, desire, and curiosity). UFO abductees have mentioned that the Masters seem to exert some form of authority over the Grays. This has developed a theory, that he Masters rule over the Grays, and keep them as slaves. There is evidence to support this theory. The Grays have no reproductive organs. It has been suggested that the Master genetically altered the species to be unable to reproduce without the Masters, to clone them. This would insure that the Grays could never brake free, because than they could not reproduce, and would not survive, or could they. There is evidence the Grays might be revolting after all.
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