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Ultimate Zim Site

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Zim is now a long gone show but, I am not going to let people forget it! For you people that don't know, Invader Zim was a show on Nickelodeon that was on for what...A year? Not even. People, you need this site to help you remember Zim. Take a look around to see what you think.
Little Known Fact: Zim failed his first planet attempt because he couldn't see over his vechicle's control panels. 

What you see in the picture next to what I have typed is the Irken logo. You see it often when you watch the show. Well, the show is canceled but I have the DVD so I see it alot. Zim can be watched on Nickelodeon at like, 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning sometimes. It's also on Nicktoons on Comcast Didgital Cable. Check it out whenever you can!

Any who are interested, I've finally come upon Jhonen Vasquez's other comics such ad Squee! and Johnny the Homicidal Manic. Perhaps you should pick them up at Hot Topic (or some other store) and see if you like them.
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