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My Friend, the Ghost

Characters page

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This page is going to explain every main or somewhat main character in My Friend, the Ghost. The first two characters listed are the two main characters, and are in about every episode (there is one where one doesn't appear).



Chris Bailey- The heroine of our show. She has just moved to a city called Blandsburg and moved into her run down house. While looking for her room she comes across a ghost named Raven. They become friends and get into mishaps and things afterwards. Most of their “adventures” are what this show is set around.

Raven Shillington- A ghost who had just passed away about two years ago. She stayed in her house making it a ledged around her own hometown, Blandsburg. Later a girl about her age, Chris, moved into her house and they become friends. Chris also has the same problems with the same people Raven had.

Ralph Bailey- Chris’s older brother. He too moved into the run down house in Blandsburg but can’t see Raven like Chris can. He pretty much hates Chris and she pretty much hates him. 

Melissa the popular girl- Chris’s mortal enemy. She was Raven’s foe in her early life, and now makes Chris’s life a living nightmare. She, of course, is what makes many of the problems occur in this show. She is often found calling Chris insane.

Jeff the popular jock- This guy makes fun of Chris just about as much as Melissa. Chris hates him very much, but he isn’t nearly as important as Melissa is to this show.

Dan Scatta- He doesn’t appear until the third episode, but does play a big role after that. Dan is Chris’s living friend, and can see Raven just as well as Chris. He is made fun of by Melissa and Jeff a lot too. Mostly Jeff as you can see in the episode he appears in.

Mom (Sarah Bailey) and Dad (Henry Bailey)- Chris and Ralph’s optimistic parents. The Mom is quite boring and the Dad is overly happy.