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My Friend, the Ghost

Parental Bonding

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Episode 4! It's time to really introduce one of the parents. Mom finally comes in, so you really know what she's like. I realize the ending is a bit dumb, but that's pert of it being a cartoon! Opening sketch should be up eventually.


Parental Bonding

Setting: Chris’s room. Her mom is sitting next to her, chatting away. Chris appears to be falling asleep. Raven is floating in a corner and snoring

Mom: So, as you know, I lived in a small town in Wyoming, the state with one electoral vote. Anyway…I was in the rodeo. One time my horse, Bucko, that was his name, well he…

(Raven snores louder then falls on the ground with a loud thunk)

Chris (waking up): Heh? What?

Mom: What was that?

Chris: Uh…just the house settling…or something

Mom: OK, well, I was a young girl back then…but Bucko he was…

Chris: Mom, why don’t you go check the cookies or something?

Mom: Oh, of course

(Mom leaves. Raven gets off the floor and goes over to Chris)

Raven: You’re mom is the most boring person I’ve ever met. And to be honest, I don’t know very many people

Chris: I know…and I have to spend time with her this weekend. We’re going on a Mother-Daughter camping trip of some sort.

Raven: Have fun

Chris: What? You don’t think you’re not coming with me do you?

Raven: Actually, I do

Chris: Well, you thought wrong
Raven: I have free will

Chris: Please, I really need you to come with me. Don’t leave me with that bore monster!

Raven: Chris, you can’t make me go

(Cut to Chris, Raven, and mom in the car)

Raven: I can’t believe you’re making me go

(Cut to seeing their car pull out of the drive way. Dad and Ralph are waving them off)

Dad: Bye Sarah, Bye Christa

(Chris shutters at the name Christa. Their car pulls away. Zoom toward Ralph and dad. Dad turns to Ralph)

Dad: Football?

Ralph: Race you to the TV!

(They run into the house. Cut to Chris, Mom, and Raven in the car)

Mom: Oh, I promise, you’re going to have so much fun!

(Chris glares at her mom)

Chris: Explain to me again why we’re doing this

Mom: We don’t spend enough time together. You’re always up in your room, talking to yourself

Chris: Mom, I’m not talking to myself

Mom: Then whom are you talking to?

(There is a long, awkward silence)

Chris: Her name is-
Mom: We’re here!

(Chris and her mom get out of the car. Raven floats through)

Chris: OK…where’s the cabin

(Chris and Raven look around)

Mom: Sweetie…we’re not staying in a cabin

(Cut to Chris, mom, and Raven squished in a tent)

Raven: Didn’t your mom say this was going to be fun?

Chris: Couldn’t you find a bigger tent?

Mom: It’s OK…we’re not going to be in here much anyways

Chris: We’re not?

Mom: NOPE! C’mon…lets go hiking!

Chris/Raven: Hiking?

(Cut to mom coming up on a mountaintop. She takes a deep breath and grins. Chris comes up and pants. Raven floats close behind)

Chris: Mom, can we take a break?

Mom: Of course, dear!

(Chris sits on a giant rock)

Mom: Would you like a soy bar?

(Raven looks disgusted. Chris blushes green)

Chris: No thanks

Mom: More for me

(She takes a huge bite of a green cube)

Chris: Is this what we’re doing all weekend?

Mom: Of course not! I have much more planned
Cut to Chris and Mom in a canoe on a river. Chris falls in and mom continues to go. Cut to Chris, Raven, and mom walking through a swamp. Chris is being chased by a swarm of bugs. Cut to mom eating another soy bar. Chris closes her eyes and Raven leans over. Cut to mom, Raven, and Chris sitting around a campfire, making marshmallows. Chris’s catches on fire. She blows on it and it falls on the ground. Cut to Chris and mom climbing up a mountain with harnesses. Chris struggles until she is hanging upside down. Mom continues to climb. Cut to Mom, Chris and Raven looking at wildlife. Chris squints and then realizes that a bear is behind her. She continues to be chased by it and mom takes no notice. Cut to Chris, Raven, and mom walking through bushes. Chris walks through one that is darker than the one mo walked through and starts to itch. Cut to mom and Chris swimming through a lake. Swarms of fish swim around Chris. She is pulled underwater. Cut to Chris and mom climbing a tree. Raven is floating below. Mom gets up to the very top, but Chris falls from half way. She looks like she’s in a lot of pain. Cut to mom, Chris, and Raven in the tent again.
[End Montage]

(Mom is snoring)

Chris (to Raven): This trip bites

Raven: I know…

Chris: I’m so ready to go home

(Mom opens one eye)

Raven: We still have one more day to go

Chris: I know…and that one more day will be just as boring as the others

Raven: Whatever, I hope you don’t think you don’t owe me for this

(Chris rolls her eyes, then turns over to sleep)

Mom (thinking): Does she really think I’m boring? And why is she talking to herself?

(Cut to all three waking up)

Mom: Maybe we should skip today

(Chris grins)

Chris: OK!

(Mom walks away. Chris grasps her hands together)

Chris: ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou

Raven: Yeah, I guess it’s great and all, but your mom seemed kind of…upset

Chris: And?

Raven: Just thought I’d point it out…

(Awkward silence)

Chris: OK, I’ll go make her feel better

(Cut to Chris walking up to her mom)

Chris: Mom, why don’t we ride horses out to the car…or something…

Mom: OK! I’ll get the ponies!

(Cut to mom and Chris on horses. Chris sighs)