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My Friend, the Ghost

It All Started When...

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First episode I ever wrote. I hope you like it. Its not as great as the others because it was the first one and I didn't have many ideas at the time. The picture below is the opening sketch to the episode.


It All Started When… 

Setting: You see Chris and Ralph in a back car seat. Chris looks extremely unhappy and Ralph has his head rested on a window, snoring. Pan out to see Chris’s parents in the front seat.

Mom: I promise you kids are going to love this house. It’s the most well known building in Blandsburg so everyone will know you moved in.

(Chris kicks Ralph)

Ralph (waking up): Oww! Chris! What was that for?

Chris (sarcastically): Mom’s explaining our fabulous new house.

Ralph: OK, so you woke me up for that? I was having a great dream…

Dad: Ralph, she just wanted to make sure you knew every detail

Chris (muttering): No, he’s just fun to bother

(Ralph grunts and glares at Chris. Cut to a shot of a huge, run down, old house)

Chris: This is the glorious house you’ve been talking about?

Mom: Well it needs some work, but it will turn out great!

Chris/ Ralph: We’re not helping

Dad: Somehow I expected that

Chris: I’m going to find my room. Everyone leave me alone so I can mourn over the loss of my old house, city, and school

(She kicks down the front door with little effort and walks inside)

Chris: It needed to be replaced anyway

(Cut to Chris opening a door. She walks inside. She looks up after putting two bags down and screams. Another floating girl comes over and covers her mouth)

Raven: Shut up. People are going to hear you

Chris (muffled): That’s the idea

(Chris screams again. Raven searches her bags, grabs a pair of socks, and shoves them in Chris’s mouth. Chris spits them out)

Chris: What are you doing in my room?!?

Raven: What do you mean your room? It’s my room

Chris: No way! My parents bought this house; it’s my room

Raven: Look, I’m not sure how you can see me but…

Chris: I can see most humans

Raven: But the fact that I’m not human may have some side effects

Chris: Heh?

Raven: I’ve been dead for two years. I died in this room and I’ve been here ever since.

Chris: You’re…Crazy

Raven: No, I’m a…

Chris: Ghost? Is that what you were going to say? Listen, I don’t see why or how this town pranks new comers with these stupid practical jokes, but joke’s over! GO HOME!

Raven: I am home. By the way I’m Raven
Chris: OK, Raven, I’m going to take drastic measures now

Raven: What are you going to do? Kill me?

Chris: MOM!

(Mom comes rushing through the door)

Mom (alarmed): What’s wrong?

Chris (pointing to Raven): LOOK!

Mom: You have a window seat?

(Mom’s point of view; no Raven)

Chris: NO, well yes, but I mean the girl!

(Mom looks oddly and Chris then leaves)

Chris: You’ve got my mom in on this too?!?

Raven: NO! What I’ve told you is the truth. I’m really a…

Chris: Ghost? Well just to tell you, I DON’T BELIEVE IN GHOSTS!

Raven: Well you should!

(Raven disappears then reappears behind Chris’s back. Chris gasps. Raven hovers above her then floats back down to the ground)

Chris (horrified): Whoa…you really are…dead

Raven: Yes if you want to put it that way. I just prefer being called a ghost. Calling me dead makes me sound like a corpse.

Chris: So…you’re going to be in my room like, all the time?

Raven: Yeah, and it’s our room.

(Cut to School. You see a teacher standing in front of a not listening class)

Teacher (monotonously): OK, new student, you know the drill. This is Christa.

Chris: I prefer Chris

Teacher: OK, Christa, take a seat

(When the teacher says “Christa” Chris’s face drops. She takes a seat by Melissa)

Melissa: Aren’t you that girl who moved into the Shillington house?

Chris: Heh?

Jeff (from behind her): The Shillington house

(Chris looks baffled)

Jeff: Blue house, center of town

Melissa: All worn down

Chris: Oh, Yeah that’s me. And its not so worn down…

(Everyone gasps)

Random kid: That house is supposed to be haunted

Chris (sarcastically): Really? Go figure?

Melissa: Yeah, if you’re going to stay there you should really watch your back

Chris: OK…whatever

(The bell rings. Cut to Chris at her locker. She is pulling books out of her locker when Raven appears)

Raven: Hey

(Chris yelps and drops her books)

Chris: Don’t do that

Raven: Do what?

Chris: That appearing out of nowhere thing

Raven: It’s kind of what ghosts do

Chris: You need to leave

Raven: I didn’t do anything!

Chris: You scared me! Besides, that’s not my point. People are going to…

(Melissa appears on screen)

Melissa: Who are you talking to?

Chris: Nobody

Melissa: Yes you were

Chris: Does it look like anyone is here?

Melissa (looking around): No…so you were talking to yourself?

Chris: No, I…

Melissa: You were! You’re insane! Hey, everyone, new girl’s insane!

(Everyone turns and looks at Chris)

Chris: NO I’M NOT!

(Chris growls at Melissa)

Melissa: Go back to your mental hospital crazy girl!

Chris: I’m not crazy! You’re so…immature

Melissa: What? I’m immature?

Chris: Yeah…

(The crowd of people leave leaving Chris, Raven, and Melissa alone)

Melissa: How so?

Chris: If you can’t figure it yourself, you’re stupider than you look.

Raven: And you look pretty stupid

Melissa (paranoid): Who said that?

Chris (getting an idea): Said what?

Melissa: You know what

Chris: You’re hearing things

Raven: You think she’s insane?

Melissa: There it is again

Chris: OK, crazy

Melissa: I’m not crazy…I’m…I’m…AHHHHHHHHHHH

(She runs off screen)

(Cut to Chris and Raven on a couch in Chris’s house)

Mom (off screen): How was school

Chris (looking at Raven): It was great