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My Friend, the Ghost


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OK, episode number 2. This is called HypnoChris for a good reason. I also wanted the guest star in this episode to be Richard Horvitz (I am so obvious). I would like him to do the main guy's voice, but I just didn't think it would sound right. The picture below is the opening sketch.



New Character (guest)- Melvin the hypnotic powered ghost

Setting: Chris’s room with nobody in it. Chris walks through the door and drops her backpack. She looks around.

Chris: Raven? Where are you?

Raven: I’m not here

Chris: Funny, you seem to be here

Raven (sarcastically): O tee hee. Seriously! I’m not here!

Chris: Why not?

Raven: Oh, you’ll see

(Raven dematerializes and a bright light cuts through the room. A ghost with a shirt with a read and white swirl on it appears)

Ghost: I am looking for Raven. Is she here?

Chris: Uhh…no…who are you and what are you doing in my room?

Raven (materializing): OUR ROOM! Oh no!


Chris: Forget her. Who are you?

Ghost (suddenly sounding loud and strong): I am ruler of all hypnotic powers! I rule all hypnotized people and ghosts…and those swirly things!

Chris: Yeah, but what’s your name?

Ghost: Oh, Melvin

(Chris snickers at the name)

Melvin: Do not laugh at my name!

(Raven materializes and laughs hysterically with Chris)

Melvin: YOU! RAVEN!

Raven: Leave me alone (continues to laugh)


(Chris and Raven laugh even harder)

Melvin (loud and strong): You asked for it!

(A green light comes out of Melvin’s hand and hits Chris)

Chris: OK, that was annoying

Melvin: You’re supposed to be my slave

Chris: No…

(Raven pushes Melvin through the ceiling. Cut to a cornfield. Melvin lands in it and gets up and walks away)

Melvin (off screen): That girl is strong

(Cut to Chris’s room again)

Raven: are you in pain?

Chris: No

Raven: You sure?

Chris (looking directly at Raven): I’m sure. Please quit asking me that!

(A light flashes in her eyes)

Raven: I’m sorry. I’ll stop

Mom’s voice: Christa! Dinner!

Chris: Got to go

(Cut to Chris, Mom, Dad, and Ralph all sitting around a dinner table)

Mom: Christa, how was school?

Chris: Mom, please! You know I hate that name. My name is Chris…Chris!

Mom: Oh but your name is so…

(Chris looks at her and her eyes flash)

Mom: Of course, Chris

Ralph: Hey, loser, pass the ham

Chris: Shut up!

(Ralph starts to say something but nothing comes out of his mouth. He does it continuously)

Chris: I’m done

Dad: You haven’t finished you…

(Chris’s eyes flash)

Dad: You’re excused

(Cut to Raven sitting on Chris’s bed. Melvin appears)

Raven: I thought I got rid of you

Melvin (loud and strong): I didn’t finish with you! YOU ARE MY SLAVE!

(He hits her with a blast like he did with Chris)

Raven: What soda would you like?

Melvin: Grape, extra fizz

Raven: Yes

(She dematerializes and Chris walks in the room)

Melvin (pointing to Chris): YOU! Get me a snack

(She looks at him funny and sits on her bed)

Melvin: Hello, I ordered you to do something

Chris: Point?

Melvin: Hmm…my powers must have worked on you differently. I guess it’s because you’re…alive

Chris: You bet it did. Thanks for the hypnotic powers

(Raven returns with a purple soda)

Raven: Your drink

(Cut to school. Chris is sitting in school and looking at her watch anxiously)

Chris: C’mon. I’m bored out of my mind! Wait…

(Chris looks up at the teacher)

Chris: Ms. Jones, we get out early today

(Ms. Jones looks at Chris)

Ms. Jones: No we don’t

(Chris’s eyes flash)
Ms. Jones: Leave

(The class walks out excitedly. Melissa walks up to Chris with Jeff)

Melissa: I heard you talking to yourself again…crazy

Jeff: You’re crazy?

Chris: No!

Jeff: Ha ha! You’re insane!

(Chris’s eyes flash)

Chris: You think you’re elephants

(Melissa and Jeff suddenly wave their arms around by their noses and make fake elephant noises. Chris laughs)

(Raven appears in front of Chris)

Chris: Hey

Raven (looking around): Hi…

Chris: What are you looking for? Did you lose something?

Raven: Besides free-will, no

Chris: What are you talking about?

(Raven grabs Chris’s shoulders)

Raven: Every time I’m around Melvin

(Chris laughs at the name)

Raven: I act like his slave. If he tells me to get him a sandwich, I’ll do it. If he tells me to pick up his book, I’ll do it. If he tells be to do an Irish jig, I’ll do it!

Chris: Sounds to me like he’s got you hypnotized

Raven: What?

(Raven lets go of Chris. Melissa and Jeff walk by, still walking like elephants)

Chris: Duh, that’s what he does

Raven: Oh…you’ve got to help me!

Chris: What can I do?

(All the people around Chris and Raven freeze and Melvin appears)

Melvin (points to Raven): I want chips

(Raven walks away)

Chris: Stop hypnotizing her

Melvin (loud and strong): Never!

Chris: DO IT!

(Chris’s eyes flash)

Melvin (shaking his head): You can’t hypnotize me! I rule the art of hypnotics

Chris: Hypnotics is an art?

Melvin: I don’t think so

Chris: Oh

Melvin: Yeah…so. (Clears throat. Sounds loud and strong) I will never release Raven! The day she made fun of me she became my slave!

Chris: Let’s make a deal. If I can hypnotize you, you’ll let Raven go. If you can hypnotize me, you can take my powers back

Melvin: Hmm…sounds fair enough

(Raven comes back with a bag of chips)

Raven: Your chips

(Melvin eats the entire bag in one bite, including the wrapper. He raises his hands and everything around them turns black. He turns and looks at Chris)

Melvin: Act like a monkey!

(Chris looks at him oddly)

Chris: No

Melvin: That should have worked

Raven: It didn’t

Melvin: Be quite

Raven: Yes, sir

Chris: Sing!

(Her eyes flash. Melvin opens his mouth but nothing comes out. They turn back-to-back then turn and look at each other)

Chris/Melvin: DANCE!

(They both do a tap)

Chris/Melvin: Err…

Chris: Who won?

Melvin: Not sure…

Chris: How about you just fix Raven

Melvin: And you give up your powers

(The surroundings change back to normal)

Chris/Melvin (upset): Fine…

(Melvin zaps Chris and Raven then leaves)

Raven: Thanks

Chris (upset): Yeah…

(Raven dematerializes. The people start moving again. Chris drags herself off screen. Jeff and Melissa walk by and make one more elephant noise)