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My Friend, the Ghost

Did You Throw a Wild Party?

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I figured I needed an episode to really explain who Ralph (Chris's brother) was. I think this episode does a pretty good job, but it also introduces a new character. I think the three of them them make great friends. The picture below is the opening sketch for the episode.


Did You Throw a Wild Party?

New Character: Dan- Chris’s study friend

Setting: Chris’s living room. Mom and Dad are grabbing suitcases and leaving the room

Dad: You kids remember we’re going on vacation right?

Ralph and Chris: Yes

Mom: OK, then we’re leaving. Ralph’s in charge…be good!

Chris: OK mom…wait why is he in charge?!?

Mom and Dad: Bye kids!

(As soon as they leave Ralph and Chris get into Ralph’s beat up car. Ralph has a hard time getting the car on. He finally does)

Chris: Now put it in reverse…

Ralph: Sarcasm stinks

(The rear view mirror shows that Raven appears with a phony scary movie sound)

Ralph: If you tell Mom and Dad I’m having a party…

Chris: You’re having a party?

Ralph: Yeah…I told you that last week…don’t you remember?


(Chris’s eyes are glued to the computer screen. Ralph walks up)

Ralph: Hey, I’m having a party when Mom and Dad are gone. You better not tell

Chris: Yeah, Sure, Whatever
Modern Day

Ralph: Don’t you remember?

Chris: No…

Ralph: Well, you said you wouldn’t. You better not go back on your word

(Chris turns to Raven and shrugs. Raven shakes her head)

Chris: Maybe I will

Ralph: If you do I’ll make sure everyone knows you really are crazy

(Chris looks dumbstruck)

Chris: But I’m not!

Ralph: You don’t think I hear you talking to yourself up in your room? I do. I know you have issues

(Chris’s jaw drops)

Chris: I’m not talking to myself…really

Ralph: Then who are you talking to? Ghosts?

(Ralph snickers)

Chris: Ha…Ha…Funny

(They pull up to the school and get out of the car. Cut to Chris in class. Mrs. Jones is muttering things)

Mrs. Jones: I’ve assigned partners for the science project. They’re on the board. Projects are due Friday

Chris (sarcasm): Oh, boy

(Chris gets up and looks at the board. She sees her name listed with Dan Scatta)
Chris: Who is…?

(A boy walks towards Chris)

Dan: Um…hi

(The popular crowd walks up)

Jeff: Loser got stuck with Crazy

Chris: I’m perfectly sane!

Dan: And I’m not a loser!

Melissa: Whatever. Losers don’t have friends…and you don’t have friends!

Chris: Yes he does!

Dan: Excuse me?

Chris: I’m his friend. We’re best friends

Dan: We are?

Jeff: Oh…you are? Have fun being loser friends

(They all laugh and walk away)

Chris: You know…they don’t make sense. First they say losers can’t have friends and then they say we’re still losers even though we have friends and…

Dan: I guess if we’re friends we should hang out more to prevent drifting

(Chris laughs and walks to her locker. Dan follows)

Chris: Um…why don’t you come to my house later? We’ll work on our project…and stuff

Dan: OK…meet me by the front door after school

Chris: OK

(Cut to Chris, Dan, and Raven sitting on the living room couch)

Dan: I had an idea for the topic on our science project

Chris: OK…what is it?

Dan: Something on Egypt

Chris: Um…OK…

Raven: Stupid

(Chris glares at her)

Dan: I know it may sound stupid but…

Chris (fake): Well…that’s interesting

Raven: No its not

(Chris glares again)

Dan: You hate it don’t you?

Chris: Well…

(Music suddenly booms and all three jump and scream)

Chris: Oh, no

Dan: What?

Chris: Ralph, my brother, he’s throwing this huge party while my parents are out of town and I completely forgot and…

(She runs out of the room and leaves Dan and Raven)

Dan: You really think my idea’s stupid?
Raven: Wow…he’s crazy

Dan: No…I’m talking to you.

Raven: Huh? You can see me?

Dan: Yeah…weird huh? How many people have you met that can see you?

Raven: One

Dan: Really? Who else?

(Cut to Chris running through a crowd of people)

Chris: Move! Move! Get out of my way! Move it! You’re in my way! Move!

(She eventually gets to Ralph)

Chris: This music is way too loud! Turn it down or face my wrath!

Ralph: NOW WAY! Everyone is having fun. There’s now ay I’m ruining it!

Chris: Do it now!

Ralph: NO!

Chris: YES!

Ralph: NO!

Chris: YES!

Ralph: NO!

Chris: YES!

Ralph: NO!

Chris: Fine…then I’ll do it!

Ralph: You…

(Chris goes to the stereo and turns it off)

Crowd: Aww…

Ralph: Hey! You said you would turn it down…not off!

Chris: Don’t even start with me! GO HOME EVERYONE!

Crowd: NO!

(The crowd starts to walk toward Chris as if they are going to kill her. Just as they get very near her, Raven’s hands pop through the floor and pull Chris through the floor. The entire crowd looks around and are completely confused)

Ralph: MUSIC!

(He turns the music back on. Cut to Dan, Chris, and Raven in a basement. Chris looks at Dan)

Chris: I should probably start explaining

Dan: No need

Chris: I just came through the floor and you don’t think that’s totally weird?

Raven: Chris, Dan can see me just as well as you can

Chris: I…I don’t get it. I thought I was the only person who could…

Dan: No.

Raven: I did too…until I met Dan

Chris: Well then…

Raven: Now we have to think of a way to get these people out of our house

(Dan and Chris turn and look at each other. They smile evilly at Raven)
Raven: Oh, no. There’s now way I’m…

(Cut to what appears to be a soda and bag of chips floating through the crowd)

Raven’s voice: Excuse me. Excuse me

(As Raven walks by people, everyone lets out an individual scream. The entire crowd screams and runs away)

Ralph: WAIT!

(The music shuts off)

Ralph: Chris! You and your stupid special effects

(Cut to Chris, Raven, and Dan laughing)

Raven: I can’t believe I didn’t want to do that! It was hilarious!

(They continue to laugh. Cut to Dan and Chris at school. They are standing in front of a board with a classic ghost on it)

Chris: So in conclusion, we think ghosts exist

(The entire class nods)

Melissa: She would know her house is haunted