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My Friend, the Ghost

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My Friend the Ghost is a show created by myself. I hope everyone will like it...if it ever gets aired. Until then, (if it ever happens) I will use this website to inform you all about my amazing show. I've drawn the characters (the entire cast is next to this writing) and writen episodes. I've also got character bios so you can get the idea about these people. If I could make a real cast for this show here's what it would be:
Chris: Tara Strong or Myself
Raven: Grey Delisle or E.G. Daily
Dan: Andy Berman or Nick Bakay
Those are just the three main ones. I could just have the crew do the voices for the others. The reason I cast myself was because when I was reading my own writing I just heard my own voice when reading Chris's lines. I figured it would be a good idea to keep it that way too.
Mad props to Lauren, who helped me, kinda.


Chris is a new girl in town. She can’t seem to make any friends due to her being able to see a ghost that haunts a house she recently moved into. She seems to be talking to herself often due to her being the only one that can see this ghost, Raven. Despite Chris being called crazy by the hour, and one is living and the other not quite so much, Chris and Raven manage to become friends and get into some trouble together.

Please IM me. I'd love to hear if you liked my show! Check out my contacts.