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Camp Lazlo

Yay, Camp Lazlo has aired! I figure I'll keep this page up, just because I can.
Remember to catch Camp Lazlo every friday night!


I'm going to explain the cast to you here. Well, Joe Murray created it as I said. Joe Murray is known for creating "Rocko's Modern Life". Yeah, that's why the characters look alot like to Rocko characters. Murray picked a few people that did big roles on Rocko to do some pretty big roles on "Camp Lazlo", like Tom Kenny (Heffer) and Carlos Alazraqui (Rocko). Here's the rest of the cast.
Carlos Alazraqui - Lazlo
Dee Bradley Baker - Mr. Thomas/Sir Frederick Richards
Jennifer Hale - Mrs. McCannon/Misty/Susie
Rob Paulsen- Raj
Nick Jameson- Dookie
Tom Kenny- Scoutmaster Lumpus 
Joe Murray - Lester/Y.J.
Cree Summer - Fern/Fern's Mother/Misty's Mom/Jon the Little Boy

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