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OK, ya'll, here's a site where you can learn about a whole bunch of show BEFORE they come out. Yeah, just leave the researching to me. I will update alot just to keep you all updated. You may not be interested in the shows I'm talking about...but good for you.

So...I have a few shows so far, most of them will probably be cartoons because thats what interst me and I can learn about cartoons way easier than I can about stupid Soap Operas or Dramas. If anyone finds out about a new show coming out (cartoon or not) you should tell me about it and I will do my best to get it on this site. Oh, and since Teen Titans is starting a new season and putting a episode on every week, I'm going to explain the episode for every week. If I forget to update, will someone please tell me.
Sorry I haven't updated lately. Technical problems. But it's all good now.


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